About FFP Insurance Services

Why Partner for Growth with FFP?

With over 100 years of combined industry knowledge and success you can expect excellence from the leadership and staff at FFP. Principals Ira, Ed, and Charles are hands on and relationship driven with successful track records in: agency building, top of the table production, executive leadership, and development of the independent producer. FFP’s leadership team has that unique skill set that will build your business.

Our relationship with you is tailored to your unique business model. We have flexible approaches and innovative support programs that can be customized to how you operate. The leadership team will listen to your vision for growth and help you to focus on how to achieve that goal. Our talented staff works closely with the 25+ carriers we represent pushing your cases, especially those difficult ones, through new business to commission release.

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Business Development with FFP: 

FFP can help grow your business through various avenues
of training and business development. Our training includes
coaching, sales presentations skills, and concept training.
We believe business development starts with basic skills so
we offer training on fact finding, handling objections, finding
the money, and closing the sale. We also believe that clients
relate to concepts versus products so we also focus on sales
concept training instead of product presentations.

Finally, the leadership team at FFP can help you drill down
on specific target markets that you want to excel within or
grow. Our team has helped agents and agencies grow in the
following markets: middle income, senior solutions, small
business owners, emerging affluent markets, and various
ethnic markets.