Foresters Financial names Joel Mercado as its 2017 Community Involvement Award winner

Foresters Financial announced recently that they have improved new business processing in three different ways:  Shorter applications, Improved e-App process, and POS eligibility decisions for eApp cases.  

Shorter applications:   Both paper apps and e-apps for Term, UL, WL, and SPWL as well as List Bill apps have all been simplified.  Transition rules do apply.

eApp process:  Overflow forms are not needed as frequently and fewer UW questionnaires!


From Facebook to Pinterest to, well, just about any site you visit on the web – an ad for a product you recently browsed pops up on your screen. ‘How did they know?’ ‘Am I being followed?’ ‘What kind of sorcery is this?!?’

Customer targeting technology has changed the way we interact with brands. And now, FFP is changing the way you interact with prospective clients.