Foresters announces 3 Big Changes to New Business Processing! Starting Sept 19th

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Foresters Financial announced recently that they have improved new business processing in three different ways:  Shorter applications, Improved e-App process, and POS eligibility decisions for eApp cases.  

Shorter applications:   Both paper apps and e-apps for Term, UL, WL, and SPWL as well as List Bill apps have all been simplified.  Transition rules do apply.

eApp process:  Overflow forms are not needed as frequently and fewer UW questionnaires!

POS eligibility decisions for eApp:  Submit applications via the eApp platform and you can get point-of-sale eligibility decision by email in less than 10 minutes!  This decision will be either medically eligible, Refer, or Issued, or Decline.  To lower the chance of a Refer decision, make sure the application is in good order. 

Mark your calendar. Preordering begins September 6th.   ***State variations exists. Please check for specifics.