Andrea Preciado

Andrea Preciado
Case Manager

Andrea Preciado is a case manager on the New Business team at FFP Insurance Services. In this role, Andrea works directly with agents and our carrier partners to get new business cases pushed through as quickly as possible.  Andrea is great at catching missing items and forms on new applications with a keen eye for detail.  This keen eye helps FFP agents submit ‘In Good Order’ business which means they get paid faster! 

Andrea is well known for her personality and enjoys making lasting relationships with both our agents and key staffers at our carriers. With over ten years of experience in the life insurance industry, Andrea is knowledgeable on products, our lead program and can help with running quotes. 

Andrea is a big foodie and loves trying different foods. You can find her spending time with her family, watching Netflix, and traveling around the world outside of work.  Her favorite quote is, “Start each day with a grateful heart.”

Office: 661.295.4660 x107

Email: [email protected]