Coffee with Closers: Identify the 3 Types of Money

Thursday: 9.17.20
9am PT | Noon ET


Top of the Table MDRT Producer and FFP Principal CHARLES DURFEE shares with you his 'Three Buckets of Money' sales process.  

This webinar will show you how to present:
*The 3 Buckets of Money
*How to Prioritize Tax Favorability During each Life Stage
*How to Reposition Money to meet Current Life Stage
*Reminder of 2020 RMD rules

You won't want to miss this Coffee with Closer episode!

Coffee with Closers: Turning Uncertainty into Certain Success

Thursday: 9.24.20
9am PT | Noon ET



Did you know that 20% of agents are having their best year ever?

Attendees to this special session will learn how to take advantage:

The ONE simple equation you must understand
The TWO ways people make decisions
The THREE Questions you should be asking everyone
The FOUR “Billionaire Secrets” you can start using today